Aphrodite is a character of MYth, based in the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and created by Zelda Wang. She's the Goddess of Sensual Love and Beauty. She's only made a brief appeareance in both the first draft and the second version of MOONLESS, but is the mastermind in the beginning of the Special Omake.

Personality and appearanceEdit


MOONLESS (Second version)Edit

She appears passing time with Athena when Apollo is looking for his sister, and like the in the First draft, she thinks that Artemis doesn't feel pretty enough, which upsets Apollo and he declares his sister is the prettiest. This enrages Aphrodite, for Athena's horror, and Apollo runs away.

Special OmakeEdit

Aphrodite enrages upon hearing Persephone is still a virgin, so she makes a plan for getting her and Hades laid with no need to produce a child; then, she hides Persephone in the Earth and sends Hermes to Hades with the message that he'll find Persephone in a "Random Asian city for his and Zelda's convenience". Then, she goes to Helios and asks him his "All-it-sees" mirror, and Eros informs her Zeus has gone to Earth too.

Other appearancesEdit

MOONLESS (First draft)Edit

Aphrodite is featured under the name of her Roman counterpart Venus, and she mocks Apollo telling him that the reason why his sister dissappeared was because she wasn't pretty enough, which upsets him (for him his sister is prettier)

My SeasonsEdit

Aphrodite is present at the Olympus gathering, and shows concern with Zeus' decision of declaring war to the Underworld.

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