Ares is a character of MYth, based in the Greek God Ares and created by Zelda Wang. He's the God of War, and has appeared in MYth:My Seasons, MYth:Inflammation and the Special Omake.

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  • 1st chapter

Ares first appears playing at queen Hera's palace with his younger sister Hebe. As soon as Hermes arrives at Hera's palace, Ares starts making fun of him, calling him "Pip-Squeak" only to be reprehended by Hebe, who tells Ares to be nice to Hermes.

Later Ares gathers along with Hera, Hermes and Hebe to see Hera's brand new chair. As soon as Hermes sits there to try the chair (before Hera does), Ares gets angry at him for his insolent atittude towards Ares' mother, Hera. A few minutes later he becomes even more upset as Hebe does the same thing as Hermes.

Ares and Hebe are found a while later playing with each other as Zeus is searching for Hera. However when Zeus asked what happened with Hera and Hebe says they're playing outside, Ares denies what she says saying that she was playing all by herself and goes away letting everyone know that he'll be messing with Prometheus' things.

Once more he's seen alongside Hebe at Prometheus' place messing with his figures in what it seems to be a battle only to be caught by Prometheus, who reprehends him by doing so. Ares orders Prometheus not to touch him and as soon as he sees Prometheus' titan mark he shows hate and resentment towards him. As he sees Hephaestus with Prometheus he calls him "lame freak" who attracts losers (Hermes) and walks away with Hebe, who later asks him the reason why he treated badly Hephaestus to which he replies that he doesn't like him.

  • 2nd chapter

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