Athena is a character of MYth, based in the Greek Goddess Athena and created by Zelda Wang. She's the Goddess of Wisdom in War, and has appeared in the first draft and second version of MOONLESSMy Seasons and Eternal Gift. She's always seen in company of Nike's bird form.


Athena has very long brown hair, fair skin and calm intelligent brown eyes. Her appearance look exactly like her mother Metis. Athena's face expressions are usually calm and tranquil. She is known to be perfect, strong, intelligent and beautiful. She would always have Nike purched upon her shoulder and carries a spear.


Athena doesn't show much emotion, she's calm and cool. She will show emotion if someone hurts her friends mainly Aphrodite. Because of this Zeus trusts her and would ask advise on what to do if anything involves Hades or Hera. Athena loves both Nike and Aphrodite even though they don't interact much Athena and Artemis have a good relationship. But she doesn't have the greatest relationship with Ares and Hephaestus mostly because how she's the favorite child of Zeus.


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