Demeter was one of the six children of Cronus and Rhea and the original Earth Fertility Goddess. Demeter was gentle and kindhearted, and out of all the Olympian she was the closest to Hades, and the two had romantic feelings for one another. However, as a Virgin Goddess, she was condemned by Gaia to never have children, else she would fade into nothingness and lose all her power. Wishing to bring Hades happiness, Demeter willingly sacrificed her life by having a daughter with Zeus, who, as King of the Gods, would hold authority over her in place of Gaia, allowing her to be unbound by the Mother Goddess' decree. Demeter's child was Persephone, who would one day become Hades' wife.

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She appears as a normal human in modern Earth, and finds and takes Hades to her home.

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