Helios is the Personification of the Sun and a Second-generation Titan. He is the son of Hyperion and Theia, Titans of Light and Sight, and the brother to Selene and Eos, the Moon and the Dawn.

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A PromiseEdit

Part IIIEdit

He's shown worried asking his father when will Selene rest, afraid she exhausts herself. Hyperion, also worried for his daughters, answers that they can only hope Cronus' Golden Child (Zeus) can free Eos so it can be dawn again.

After Eos is finally freed by Poseidon and Zeus, she flies to her father's side, staining the sky with the colors of dawn. Selene at last gets down, and after embracing her for a while, Helios is ready to be helped to go up by Eos, and opens his eyes, making the Sun appear again after a long time.

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Special OmakeEdit

After sending Hermes with a message to Hades telling him to go to Earth to search for Persephone, Aphrodite goes with Helios and asks him to borrow her his "Sees-it-all" mirror. After explaining it's for spying Hades' date and get him and Persephone laid, Helios accepts it as a legit reason and lends her the mirror (for Apollo's shock)


  • Though he loves Selene, he knows it is not possible to Moon and Sun to be together
  • Eos is the one who makes him rise into the sky.
  • Is said he chose Apollo as his apprentice for the boy's natural radiance.
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