Hestia is the oldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea and the Goddess of the Hearth, who currently resides in the Pyre of Olympus. She is gentle and warm, caring over each of her siblings as an older sister, and maintaining the Olympians united as a family. Hestia has a personal understanding of each Olympian, and always assists them in times of hurt and need. She is the only person with whom Zeus feels fully at ease with.


Hestia has the appearance of a young woman with a tall and slender figure, and shoulder-length, curly red hair that resembles flickering flames, according to her mother Rhea. She has warm red eyes. She is usually shown naked in the comic because of her staying in the hearth of her fire temple. When she is clothed, she dresses simply.

When in the hearth she takes on a spirit like appearance with flames flowing from her body.


Hestia is a very warm and friendly person. She is the oldest sister of her siblings and therefore as a young girl was the one who took care of and played with her younger siblings, such as making them flower crowns and comforting Hera when her flower crown was destroyed by Cronus.

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