Poseidon is the God of the Seas and the middle-brother to Zeus and Hades. As a child, he was always beneath his two brothers, being outshined in strength, skill and wit, though during the Titanomachy he would discover that he had been gifted with Gaia's power over the Earth and Seas.

The state of the seas is in-fact related to Poseidon's emotioness state, with storms forming as he is angry only to subside as he becomes calm. However, Poseidon's greatest strength is his heart. As Rhea explained to him as a child, his role is to maintain the fragile balance between Zeus and Hades, making it so that their separation never escalates to the point where they become enemies.

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  • His hair is in fact a grayish white, which reflects the light and the colors of his surroundigs; that's why in the first comics it appeared dark and almost brunette.
  • He was the only one who inherited Gaia's powers.
  • He and Hestia are the only ones from the six siblings who don't look any like their parents.
  • He raised Delphin himself, and sees and cares him like a son.
  • Like Delphin, he can communicate with the reatures of the sea.


  • For Delphin's dismay, now he's known as "Lord Po" (Kung-Fu Panda reference)
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