Selene is the Personification of the Moon and a Second-generation Titan. She is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia, Titans of Light and Sight, and the twin sister to Helios, the Sun, and older sister to Eos, the Dawn. During the whole duration of the Titanomachy, while Eos was kept imprisoned by Cronus, Selene spent all of her power to generate light on her own, so as to not keep the world under complete darkness.

Personality and appearanceEdit


A PromiseEdit

Part IIEdit

She's first shown as the only natural light in a world of darkness, under the worried watch of her father, when he notices she's starting to lose energy after centuries in the sky. Hyperion then gives Zeus the sight of Helio, and asks him to save his youngest daughter so his older one can finally go down and his son can rise again, and explains him Cronus kidnapped the girl to prevent the "Dawn of a new era". With no dawn, there's no Sun, so Selene had to take the role of keeping the world to fall in complete darkness.

Part IIIEdit

After Eos is finally freed by Poseidon and Zeus, she flies to her father's side, staining the sky with the colors of dawn. Selene at last gets down, and after embracing her for a while, Helios is ready to be helped to go up by Eos, and opens his eyes, making the Sun appear again after a long time. Selene finally opens her eyes, and smiles at seeing her brother shining with all his might again.


  • Though she loves Helios, she knows is impossible to Sun and Moon to be together.
  • Though Zelda at first said Selene had chosen Artemis, in fact Artemis went to Selene and asked her to be her apprentice, so this way she could be apart from Apollo.
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